The Lucky Bat Cafe

The Lucky Bat Cafe oozes Darwin. A hand-painted cyclone isobar weather map stretches over the walls, which are adorned by colourful pops of art depicting Darwin icons like barramundi, dragon flies, and salty plums.

For anyone who grew up in Darwin, it’s like stepping into a time machine and being spat out in the 90s. Of the brightly coloured screen printed shirts that also hang on the walls, one even shows the old ‘Rite Price’ sign. **Cue memories of grocery shopping with your parents.

A collaboration of artistic minded friends, The Lucky Bat Cafe cleverly meshes this classic Darwin narrative with a modern hipster vibe via plenty of potted plants, wood, antique spoons and touches of neon.

Everything inside was handmade by the owners or recycled. Even the chairs are old-school… literally. You probably sat on them in your classroom days.

“We really wanted to bring a Darwin feel to the Cafe and the bohemian, beachy vibe of Nightcliff,” said owner Danny Chrichton.

“We’ll be showcasing local and emerging artists – a different artist each month.”

The menu is also a nod to Darwin with mango shakes and fresh herbs but it’s the baked eggs which have quickly become a crowd favourite.

“The food is food we love to eat ourselves: fresh, healthy and super tasty,” said Danny.

And it sounds like the Lucky Bat team have plans to take over Gotham – sorry Nightcliff – soon with a courtyard behind the cafe featuring a four-tonne wood fired oven to open shortly.

And for those wondering, the inspo for the Cafe’s name came from a trip to George Town in Penang, Malaysia where the famous colonial buildings have bats and other motifs carved into the wood reportedly to bring the occupants inside good luck.

From what we’ve seen, we’ve no doubt good fortune will be flying the Lucky Bat’s way soon.

The Lucky Bat Cafe: 3/7 Pavonia Place, Nightlife

Open: Tue-Sun 7am-2pm

More info: Facebook page here.


#DStakeover – Eva’s Botanical Gardens Cafe

For our first ever Instagram take over we were delighted to taste-test the new menu at one of our fav hangouts – Eva’s Botanical Gardens Cafe.

Surrounded by the beautiful Botanic Gardens, it was easy to find plenty of inspo for our 24 hours in charge of Eva’s Insta account.

The new menu also takes its cue from the Gardens with lots of fresh fruit and flavours and we loved that it was all #healthyliving.

Think ingredients like chia, bee pollen and kale.

For breakfast, we had the new Chia Pot and Coconut Bircher both of which come with a generous helping of fresh fruit. Kudos for the almonds in the Bircher – love that added crunch!  Another new item on the menu that looked fab and would be a perfect brunch for two was the Eva’s Breakfast Board which comes with ham off the bone, avocado, tomato salsa, basil pesto, labneh, sourdough, boiled egg, rocket, olive oil.

We’ll be back to try that one fo sure.

As for the coffee … the regular brew has always been great but let’s talk about something new.

The V6o Pour Over Filter coffee.

Apparently, this style of coffee is all the rage overseas and according to Eva’s master barista, Jag, a first for Darwin. It takes a little longer than a normal brew and is made with hot water through a sci-fi looking filter thingy. (See pics above for a little of the process).

The New York Times has described Pour Over as “coffee’s slow dance” and even labelled the experience as: “…picking up a drafting pen after only writing with Magic Markers.” Not a bad rap.

You don’t have the drink with milk so it is lighter than the regular deal and you can taste more of the flavours. We found it quite refreshing and according to Jag – it’s the perfect afternoon drink as it’s lower in caffeine.

But enough about coffee… back to the fooooooood. There are a number of new items on the menu for lunch that’ll have you drooling including a range of new sandwiches available on either sourdough or multigrain and salads. We had the Pulled Pork sandwich and Detox Kale salad – which was THE BOMB.

It comes with a “lemon and agave” dressing …. now, not sure what agave is but boy! It has zing!

We had great fun taking over Eva’s Insta and trying all their yummy food. Hope you like the pics.

xx DS

P.S The puppy in the pic above is Gizmo. A customer’s French Bulldog (Eva’s is dog-friendly). Isn’t he just the cutest?!!!!