Darwin, Northern Territory

End of the Wet Season

The nights are getting cooler, the sky is getting bluer… the Wet is almost over. So we thought we’d make the most of all this greenery before it’s gone.

Burn-offs have already started in some areas of Darwin turning that electric green speargrass a rusty brown. But as you can see, we found a patch untouched.

Here, the pandanus trees were still a vibrant, vivid green, the landscape still lush.

But, what do you know… soon after we arrived storm clouds rolled in, the sky started to turn black, the wind whipped up and raindrops began to fall.

What started as brief shower, quickly escalated into a full-blown storm over the City complete with sideways rain.

Proving perhaps, that the Wet Season still has some life in her yet.

Top: Cue

Skirt: Zimmermann

Boots: Country Road

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