Nightcliff, Darwin

Cricket World Cup Final

A TV, antenna, generator and plenty of petrol. These were the ingredients for a World Cup Final viewing party on Sunday. Darwin Style.

A group of friends thought it would be a good idea to watch the game on Nightcliff Foreshore and they were right. There may have been a record 90-something-thousand at the MCG but these seats went okay too. Hot sun, cold beers, beach views, an Aussie win and a pretty damn good sunset made for a pretty damn awesome day.

Some even called it one of the best Sunday Seshes ever.

The Darwin Style Facebook page certainly agreed…there was a whole lotta love for the unique set-up with our pic of a few of the boys watching the game on the (not so) big screen going ballistic.

So Melbourne you can keep your MCG.

We’ll take our cricket with a drink in hand, on a picnic chair by the ocean under the palm trees with a side of slacklining.

**Special shout-out to Reggie and Amanda who organised the gig, brought basically their entire apartment block across the road and provided pool access for essential drink-break cool-offs.

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