CHOW Restaurant, Darwin

Cocktails At CHOW

Popular Darwin Vietnamese restaurant CHOW has long been on our speed dial for takeaway Pad Thai and Laksa’s but we’ve recently discovered their cocktails are just as delicious as their menu.

On Saturday night we ventured to the Waterfront hot-spot for dinner but ended up seated at the bar as the restaurant was fully booked (NOTE TO SELF: Must book table at CHOW earlyyyyyy).

But, this turned out to be a huge blessing in disguise – it gave us a front row seat as CHOW’S cocktail masters Dan and Jordi put on a show turning out the most amazing cocktails using the freshest ingredients; think limes, lemons, eggs, even ginger – CRAY!! but yummy.

Our favs were the Metropolitan (the pink drink in the pictures above) – which comes with a kinda slushie-like lychee “ice sphere” and as you can imagine goes down pretty damn well on a hot Darwin night, and also the Chow Ca Phe Martini (CHOW-Style Espresso Martini) – which comes with ice-cream…. umm tick!

To eat, we had a few small plates including our hands-down fav item on the menu – the DIY Pork Pancakes.

Oh and we never leave CHOW without asking for a fortune cookie (just ask your waitress) because that’s CHOW.

Weird, wacky and all kinds of wonderful.

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Blue dress: Yeojin Bae

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